About RPA Academy


We at Winformatics, founder of, really enjoy our work. We are an IT service company specialized in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and correspondent complementary products and education. We always look for opportunities to make solutions better – both in terms of technology and business fit.

We gleaned our experience and expertise on the field, adopting to the high standard requirements that prominent clients like financial institutions and other Fortune 500 companies expect.

Our value proposition is based on professional excellence, client focus and competitiveness. We serve our clients from hub offices (currently from London), which is supported technically by the Center of Excellence - located in Budapest. Leveraging this structure, we can be closer to our clients, while we can make offers on an affordable price, supported by the technology center.

Being a part of the team of Winformatics means that you are an open-minded highly educated expert in ICT or related fields. We are committed to learning continuously and deliver solutions at a very high level and quality.