RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Advanced Developer in 2021

RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Advanced Developer in 2021

Product No.: BPD-A
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Duration:3 day / 24 hours
Difficulty Level:
  • Advanced
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Blue Prism Developer Advanced training is a three-day instructor-led online course that focuses on RPA based Blue Prism Solutions. Blue Prism Developer Advanced training builds upon the material covered on Blue Prism Developer Basic training. The goal of the course is to extend learners' knowledge and take RPA developer skills to the next level. The training material covers advanced features which enable developers to use a wide spectrum of advanced product functionality, and thus to create solutions that are technically richer, more versatile, resource efficient, robust and scalable.


RPA Developers who would like to make their RPA solutions to the next level – who want to deepen technical expertise and glean expertise in building clean and robust end-to-end solutions.


The participant is expected to have the Blue Prism Developer certification or an equivalent knowledge level before attending this course.


  • Advanced Error Management & Exception Handling
  • Advanced Case Management and Work Queues
  • Credential manager
  • Login Agent
  • Visual Business Objects (VBO)
  • Advanced spying method & Surface automation
  • Object and Solution Design
  • Web services
  • Outlook automation