RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Business Controller in 2021

RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Business Controller in 2021

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Duration:2 day / 16 hours
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  • Advanced
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Business Controller is a two-day online instructor led course that focuses on the role of a Business Controller that supports and administers the day to day running of RPA processes in a live environment. The goal of this course is to give a high-level overview on Blue Prism framework, to enable participants to competently control Blue Prism based RPA processes. The Business Controller will schedule and run Blue Prism processes, ensure the stability of the Blue Prism IT environment, investigate any issues in the live processes, and raise change requests or support calls where required.


  • Business Analysts before an RPA implementation project
  • Those who are interested in Process Analytics in general: how to be more productive and efficient


The learner is not expected to have any specific knowledge before attending this course, but participation in projects or some experience as a Business Analyst is an advantage.


  • Introduction to RPA – how it works
  • Blue Prism framework
  • Control Room
  • Work Queues – Case management
  • Scheduling
  • Managing and investigating exceptions (Business and System Exceptions)
  • Process Studio and Object Studio basics