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Why RPA Business Analyst Trainings are essential for successful RPA projects

A substantial part of an RPA Ecosystem consists of roles that usually are not in the spotlight - as developers - though are essential for having successful projects. Live classroom and online instructor led trainings of RPA Academy focus on these critical parts of the organizations that determines long term success of RPA solutions.



Business Analyst Training

Our Business Analyst training focuses on the role of a Business Analyst in the end-to-end process of an RPA implementation and the competencies needed to successfully meet business requirements through the adoption of an RPA solution. Analysts act as a bridge between business and developers, they help to identify, select and monitor processes eligible for RPA automation, to calculate the business benefits of automated processes, to compile comprehensive process-related documentation and to track the performance of existing solutions. 


Business Controller Training

Business Controllers support and manage the RPA processes in a live production environment. They ought to have a high-level overview on the RPA platform framework. They are responsible for keeping an RPA solution operationally up and running, for example: scheduling processes, ensuring the stability of the RPA IT environment, investigating any issues in the live processes, and raising change requests or support calls where required.


Business User Training

RPA Academy strongly believes that Business Users should have basic understanding on how RPA solutions work and how to monitor them on a high level. As the subject-matter experts of the automated processes, Business Users should be able to investigate business exceptions and intervene in the process when needed. This approach – to involve Business Users into the RPA Ecosystem guarantees that employees will become committed to RPA projects’ long term success.


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