Instant RPA Capability


Instant Robotics Process Automation Capability model

An experienced talent provider, Winformatics, recruits candidates with core skills, and trains them to become fully productive and accredited Blue Prism resources - and provides them to the client’s service.

Recruits take part in a programme of up to 15 weeks, consisting of:

  • 3 -12 weeks selection and validation
  • 2 weeks intensive Bootcamp developer foundation
  • 10 weeks embedded learning (5 agile sprints delivering processes into production)

This is a best practice RPA environment aligned to the Robotic Operating Model (ROM), governed by Blue Prism and supervised by the senior Winformatics Blue Prism experts.

Graduates of the RPA Academy are accredited and are fully productive project resources - available to the market. Winformatics consultant mentors follow and support them on their RPA journey to acquire the Advanced Professional Accreditation level after 6 months of experience.



Talent Validation

Selecting the best recruits to join the clients' RPA group is a stringent process. All CVs are carefully screened. Those that pass scrutiny of their Business and HR requirements, progress to interview stage.

Our Talent Partner/Recruiter holds assessment days every week where we evaluate each candidate’s technical and interpersonal skills, motivation, as well as their ability to become an integrate part of the client environment. Successful recruits undergo rigorous reference and disclosure checks. This includes criminal, security and education checks as well as document verification.

In order to provide the necessary volume and quality of talents, we have direct contact to Recruiter Agencies specialized for IT, organizer of Carrier Days. The selection period can be impacted by seasional effect like summer holiday, eastern, Christmas period, etc…


Boot Camp Foundation and Certification

Blue Prism Developer Boot Camp is a two week course that focuses on RPA based Blue Prism Solutions. The goal of this course is to enable participants to create and deploy Digital Workers that automate monotonous, repetitive activities to allow human employees to focus on more value-added work. This intensive foundation training condenses what would normally be a 3-4 month ‘on-the-job’ training challenge and prepares recruits with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pass the Blue Prism Developer certification exam.

Blue Prism Developer Boot Camp training is dedicated to beginner-level users and it is designed to walk learners through the essentials of Blue Prism RPA, covering theoretical concepts as well as hands-on exercises. The training material also covers some advanced features thus enables participants to create solutions that are technically richer, more versatile and compliant with more complex business requirements.


Mentoring on-site

Following the Exam recruits receive 10 weeks of mentoring in RPA Academy live environment conducting agile development sprints, automating up to 5 processes into production using the Vendor Robotic Operating Model (ROM).

The RPA Academy mentors are responsible for giving individual feedback on the outputs of the automation, documentation and best practice standards. This type of coaching in a live environment is critical to achieve fast-track excellence.


Pass Out

After 15 intensive weeks, under the RPA industry’s highest quality supervision and best practice regime, recruits graduate the RPA Academy and are fully production-ready Blue Prism Accredited Process Automation Developers. They can deliver solutions without mentoring and progress to their Professional Accreditation in 6 months.

RPA Academy's 3 month intensive, fast-track training and mentoring saves 9-12 months of distracting ‘on-the-job’ coaching to reach the same production standards and output levels.

Graduates can also work on automating their target clients’ processes as part of RPA Academy training programme. This can self-finance the clients' investment.



The RPA Academy graduates are posted to clients for up to 2 years ensuring continuity of resource as a consultant.

In the first D month of their posting at the client, they can access additional coaching from RPA Academy mentors. This helps them successfully navigate their way through their daily challenges, and prepares them for the Professional Developer exam.


Contract Completion

After 2 years on contract, RPA Academy Graduates are free of their bond and clients have the option to hire the RPA consultants to become their own human resource.







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