Mock Exam for Blue Prism Certification AD01 in 2021

Mock Exam for Blue Prism Certification AD01 in 2021

Product No.: BP-AD01-Training-2020
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  • Advanced
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Blue Prism Developer Mock Exam is designed for developers as a final preparation step before taking the Blue Prism Developer Exam (AD01). The goal of this Mock Exam is to prepare developers for the exam with similar types of questions, issues that can be expected in the real certification exam.


Exam Details:

  • 60 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a pool
  • All questions of equal weight
  • 60 minute exam*
  • Pass mark 70%

*Candidates from countries where English is not an official language will be awarded an extra 30 minutes



We recommend the Mock Exam for candidates who want to confirm their skill level with a Blue Prism Developer Certification but before taking the real certification exam they would like to practice and challenge their knowledge with exam like questions.


Learners are expected to review the material of the Blue Prism Foundation Training and complete the consolidation exercise or participate the RPA Academy’s Developer Basic or Boot Camp training. 

We also strongly advise to gain some hands-on experience in using Blue Prism premises for a successful exam – the exam format requires quick thinking based on experience.



  • Blue prism Developer Foundation Training Material
  • Developer Best Practice
  • Exception Handling Guide
  • Work Queues Guide
  • Lifecycle orientation
  • Object Layer Design
  • Process Creation
  • Solution Design Overview