Virtual Instructor Led RPA Training

Online training available from anywhere via World Wide Web

Virtual Instructor Led Training is an innovative online education method: attendees can meet with the trainer and other participants of the course in our virtual classroom. Your virtual classroom based study experience is supported with materials on the virtual whiteboard and the advanced training platform.

Virtual Instructor Led RPA Trainings (VILT training) with the latest technology

Our VILT RPA trainings are designed to be easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Our VILT RPA Trainings technologies are based on state-of art technology, guaranteeing the best course experience remotely. Our VILT RPA training platform has multiple data centers strategically located in the United States, Europe and Asia with 24/7/365 monitoring, in order to provide perfect training experience with expectations of low latency and fault tolerance.

On-Line RPA Training Platfom


Keeping the quality standard of the education is ensured by the most modern technological tools, which provide direct access to the virtual classroom environment, training materials and exercises:

  • All training solutions are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera, enabling you to enjoy seamless training anywhere in the world.
  • Our VILT solutions use the latest HTML5 technology and does not require any plug-ins or software downloads to be installed on the user’s local machine.


During VILT RPA trainings, our attendees connected with remote access arein constant interaction with other attendees and the trainer. Using Microsoft Teams – or similar technologies – they can see, hear and follow the events in real time.

Our VILT RPA trainings provide the same interactivity to students remotely as they do to those in the classroom.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to evaluate the course.


Learn about another higher level of education for the future! 

Recommended in case you:

  • are unable to attend at the training in person due to spatial or temporal constraints
  • want to save time and money by eliminating travel
  • would like to receive training from abroad or from a remote location


Classroom RPA Training

Due to COVID-19, all classroom RPA trainings are suspended.



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