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Ways of purchasing

  • On-line purchase of electronic products. The system will make available the purchased product or voucher for the user that performs the purchase. The user shall keep his/her user accessibility data in secrecy. We shall not be liable for any damage arising from possible malicious access to data or from disclosed access data. Should you have any doubt concerning the access data of the user account, please contact our customer service or change your password.
  • Purchasing an electronic product by transfer. Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. will assign the electronic product or the code allowing to use it to a user account designated by the user when ordering. The assignment will be done upon completion of crediting on the bank account.

Guarantee and warranty

The Seller shall assume guarantee and/or warranty for any product sold by him in accordance with relevant legislation being currently effective (Gov. decree 151/2003.(IX.22.).

The Seller shall not assume money payback or replacement guarantee for a purchased product unless it is evidenced that the specific product is defective and the defect has occurred before the date of acceptance of the specific product. We shall not accept a complaint concerning the incompleteness of or a damage to any received product unless it can be proven that the defect could not be detected at the date of receipt of the specific product or the specific product has a manufacturing defect. The Seller shall not assume any guarantee for the case where the Buyer has any content dislike.

For a problem arising in connection with using the purchased services in time, upon your request we will allow you to repeat the service period.

We shall assume no liability for any malfunction of individual components included in the service, including loss of profit arising therefrom, and we cannot provide for a guarantee for the accuracy of any data of either own generation or coming from a third party in the service, with taking into consideration the principle of operation of Internet.

Personal data processing

  • For any personal data disclosed to the Seller, the general data protection rules shall apply. Using any personal data shall be subject to the regulations being currently effective, set forth in the Act on Data Protection and the GDPR Decree.
  • The Seller shall store and use any data of a Purchaser for performing the purchase, for evidencing the purchase conditions at a later date and for providing a visitor with a newsletter requested by him or her.
  • No disclosure of any data to a third party shall be allowed unless the third party has to use it in order to perform the purchase as a subcontractor in a way inevitably needed for performing his subtask related to the purchase, and even in that case those data may be disclosed only which are inevitably needed for performing the specific subtask (for instance, disclosing the delivery address and the name of person authorized for receipt for a subcontractor performing a delivery). For any subcontractor eventually used, all rules set forth in the Act on Data Protection shall also be binding in the same way.

NAIH-84581/2015. (Management of a database associated with the operation of a webshop. Registration required for the purchase of an on-line program and how to log in for the use thereof on the website.)

NAIH-84582/2015. (Database handled for sending newsletters)

NAIH stands for Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Limitation of liability

The Seller shall not be liable for any failure, inconvenience, direct and indirect damage due to any technical (hardware, software) and/or communication (Internet) infrastructure used for connecting to Webshop, irrespective of whether it has been due to a normal or extraordinary operation, malfunction on either the server or the client side.

The Seller shall reserve the right to change anytime and without justification any information available in Webshop (including this Business Code), such as the products and their description, and the standard and discount prices of any product. Any information on Webshop is available, so accordingly the Seller shall not be liable for any failure, inconvenience, direct and indirect damage arising from an improper knowledge of any currently available information.

Efforts are made to use maximum possible care to assemble and publicize any information and data available on our website and to double-check it. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded that in some cases a false or incomplete data is shown on our website due to compilation or other reasons. Considering that the information available on our website is for information only, Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. shall not be liable for a full accuracy of any data, document, information, picture, graph and graphics shown on the website, and for ensuring that they are eligible for your intended use, therefore all risks associated therewith shall be fully imposed on you.

The number of tests operated on Website is subject to a change without warning. We assume no guarantee for the functional ability of any test because any data to be used for it comes from an external source on which Website has no influence.

Accordingly, Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, cost or expense of any kind that has arisen for you in connection with their use, of course, including the damage from data loss and the loss of profit.

Regrettably, despite the fact that we make every effort, it may happen that the price of a product is eventually incorrect. In such case, we will contact you by phone (or via email) for the purpose of coordination, prior to sending out the product.

Conditions for cancellation

Before our confirmation, you can cancel, free of change, your intent of purchase in any of the following ways:

Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. shall not be liable for any substantive and moral damage due to a failure of performance. The Customer shall have no right to claim for compensation for it. Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. will, if possible, in such case, strive for restoring the condition that existed before the order had been placed (payback of transferred amounts).

General rule for cancellation: The Purchaser shall have the right to exercise his, or her right to cancel or notice within a period of 14 days.

The Purchaser shall acknowledge that his or her right for cancellation will cease to exist any longer at the time when activating the code. By activating the code, the Purchaser will use a tailored service, so it will not cause a right to cancel to be generated for the Purchaser either.

Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. shall reserve the right to refuse door-to-door delivery without justification.

Right of cancellation/termination by notice

You shall have the right to cancel this contract without justification within a period of 14 days in the case where you have still not activated the purchased voucher, or when purchasing a product, according to the following:

The deadline for cancellation/notice shall expire on Day 14 after the date of signing the contract.

Should you wish to exercise your right to cancel/notice, you must send a clear declaration on your intention of cancellation/notice either by mail or via email addressed to the following address: Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. (77, High Street, Littlehampton, GB-ENG, BN14 5AG), or ( To this end, you can also use a template "/Declaration on cancellation/notice form/" "/Elállási/felmondási nyilatkozat-minta/" attached herewith.

You will exercise your right to cancel/notice on time, if you mail your declaration on cancelation/notice before the expiry of deadline specified above.

Legal consequences of cancellation/notice

Should you cancel this contract, we will reimburse to you all counterservices performed by you, immediately but within a period of 14 days after receipt of your declaration on cancellation/notice at the latest. For the reimbursement, we will use the same payment method as the one that was used during the original transaction unless you expressly give an approval to the use of a different payment method; using that payment method shall not cause to you any extra cost. In case of purchasing a voucher or a subscription, at the receipt of your declaration on cancellation/notice the system will check whether you have activated the code or not. If the code is still not activated, you will be allowed to validate the right to cancel/notice and the code will be deleted from the user account.

For any other issue, relevant provisions set forth in Civil Code of Hungary (Ptk.) shall apply.

Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. may change the conditions for use anytime and will notify the registered users of such change via email.

Payment methods

You can pay by SIX Payment Servcice method in our webshop.

When paying by credit card, you are redirected to a payment page of a service provider - Saferpay - so the payment facilitates the operation set up by the service provider, the unnecessary and secure prescription of an international card company, as it takes place in a working place.

The online store does not have the data, number or expiration date of your card and the account behind it in any form, the guidelines will not open.

To further increase the security of online card acceptance, Six Payment Services has introduced 3D Secure, or Verified by Visa / MasterCardSecure Code (VbV / MSC). The essence of the service is that the cardholder is given the cardholder by the bank issuing the card used for payment, some additional identification option, which is checked during the transaction and clearly identifies the person using the card.

If the VbV / MSC service is not available at the bank issuing your card or you have not requested it, the payment process will not change. The web store redirects you to the SIX Payment Services, Saferpay page, where you enter your card details (card number, expiration date, validation code).

If the VbV / MSC service is active on your bank card, the payment transaction process will change. After entering your card details (card number, expiration date, validation code), your card-issuing bank will automatically redirect you to the appropriate page where you will need to complete the identification process. After successful identification, the payment transaction will continue, you will be notified of the success of the transaction and will be redirected back to the web store interface. If you cannot perform the authentication, the transaction will fail.


For subscription, payment by transfer is also an option. In that case the Purchaser uses a form to notify Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. of his or her intent of payment by transfer. In case of payment to bank account, the order will become valid and turn into a signed contract upon crediting.

You can purchase in person in the Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. office, or at a designated site when preliminary advertised on the website.

Delivery costs and other fees

  • For Webshop, the vouchers will be credited in electronic form, on the Purchaser`s account. Their delivery by mail is not available.
  • For a payment in cash in person, the code will be delivered to the Purchaser in the form of a card furnished with a unique code. The card containing the voucher will have no extra cost. The condition for handing it over shall be the payment of the selected subscription package.
  • The total sum of subscription fee shall contain the cost of the entire period defined in the type of subscription.

Code of Conduct

Winformatics Technology UK Ltd. has no Code of Conduct.


For any other issue in regard to rights and duties existing between the Contracting parties, the provisions set forth in PTK. (Civil Code of Hungary) and in Gov. decree 45/2014.(II.26.) shall apply. For the occurence of a grievance, the Purchaser may turn to Budapesti Békéltető Testület (Budapest Conciliation Board).

You can address to Budapesti Békéltető Testület (Budapest Conciliation Board) operating under Budapesti Trade and Industry Chamber at:

Phone: +36-1-488-2186

Budapesti Békéltető Testület (Budapest Conciliation Body) is available at:

1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
Mail address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
Phone: +36-1-488-2131

On-line forum for the settlement of disputes for international commercial disputes:

This "Conditions for Use" document shall be attached with each order confirmation, and delivered to each Purchaser at every notification via email.

Created: Laszlo Fodor 23/06/2020
Modified: Laszlo Fodor 23/06/2020



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