RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Business Analyst in 2021

RPA Blue Prism Training Online for Business Analyst in 2021

Product No.: BUS-A
Duration:2 day / 16 hours
Difficulty Level:
  • Advanced
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Business Analyst is a two-day online instructor led course that focuses on the role of the Business Analyst in the end-to-end process of an RPA implementation and the competencies needed to successfully meet business requirements through the adoption of an RPA solution. The goal of this course is to enable Analysts to identify, select and monitor processes eligible for RPA automation, to calculate the business benefits of automated processes, and to compile comprehensive process-related documentation to ensure the developed RPA solution is in accordance with the business requirements and to track the performance of existing solutions. The course includes theoretical content, as well as practical frameworks for monitoring processes and preparing documentation.


  • Business Analysts before an RPA implementation project
  • Those who are interested in Process Analytics in general: how to be more productive and efficient


The learner is not expected to have any specific knowledge before attending this course, but participation in projects or some experience as a Business Analyst is an advantage.


  • Introduction to RPA – how it works
  • RPA Tools on the Market
  • Limitations of RPA
  • RPA Team Roles, RPA in Organization Structure
  • Premises for Automation
  • Process Analyses (actual flow, requirements, design) and Documentation
  • Follow-up activities, automation metrics
  • Blue Prism framework and functions useful for Analysts



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