Automation Services


Our firm, apart from the educational activities, also provides services with RPA and corresponding technologies.

Our range of delivery services include;

  • On site / remote process development solutions
  • Consultancy on RPA implementation and process management
  • Control Room hosting
  • Mentoring services
  • Process and coding health checks
  • RPA architecture, virtualisation design & implementation

We deliver end-to-end solutions all along the product’s life cycle hence we can guarantee the approprate usage of the technologies. Our services – assessment, consultancy services, setup of the disaster tolerant infrastructure, development (both onsite and remotely) - are relying on the solid knowledge base we gathered through experience on real-life projects with prominent clients. Our holistic approach guarantees that the RPA solution will produce value add for long time and is in line with the clients’ strategy. Our consultancy team leverages in-depth assessments of current processes and strategic goals to prepare recommendations on the most appropriate viable solutions.


No more Nigthmares for RPA, No more surface automation because of RDP and Citrix

We focus not only on the core technologies, but also looking at the horizon the identify potential extensions, complementary tools that help us to deliver solutions faster and with less risk compared to the approach suppported by the platform natively. One such example is Surface Automation which comes across usually at big clients because of security and maintenance reasons. By means of integrating the appropriate tools into RPA solutions we can automate processes through RDP and Citrix seamlessly, the work becomes less cumbersome thus cheaper and less vulnerable to changes on the user interface.



Process Technologies

Parallel to the improvement of AI and Machine Learning technologies new tools emerge that can significantly extend the abilities of an RPA software. It means that new sorts of processes become available for automation, reducing more costs and making firms less exposed to operational risk.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has become more and more common in the era of digital transformation. This technolgy reads the content of a document and translate the semi-structured or unstructured data to structured and processable data with meaning. IDP platforms such as ABBYY or Blue Prism Decipher do the magic by combining innovative technologies to make fast and accurate document processing: Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR), logical rules and models are continuously improving the robots’ skills and increase operational efficiencies, savings, and customer satisfaction.


Process Mining

Another brach of improvements in fields of RPA focus on exploration and optimization. In the recent years process mining softwares have appeared on the market. These tools deal with vast amount of data in minutes, therefore company leaders can see almost immediately what is happening at the company. This can prove to be a huge competitive advantage for companies especially in COVID-19 times. We are partners of a prominent player on this field, Celonis. We are happy to show a demo to our clients, to explore the unlimited opportinities that Celonis holds for their company and to work toghether for a successful future implementation.



Other Services


Instant RPA Capability

One can recognize that in terms of RPA technologies it is essential for the companies to have both the technology firms who can support the RPA solitions during the whole life cycle and the staff who keep solutions operational, both, available. Introduction of RPA technologies at client companies increased the demand for RPA professionals on the workforce market. In order to fulfill the needs in this scarcity we started our Instant RPA capability service. Under such a service agreement we provide at least 4 professionals for 24 months at the client’s service, who has the option to take them over in terms of employment at the end of the contract period.


Center of Excellence Design and Implementation

Based on our experience we claim that transforming an organization to host a thriving RPA ecosystem, can be cumbersome. Giving a helping hand in form of a partnership we help our clients to lay down the basis of RPA friendly environment that supports the strategy of a company. We do advisory in terms of the required organizational changes, project management, process transformation and reengineering, and all kinds of services that are required for a successful RPA implementation project.





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