Why choosing RPA Academy instead of the free online trainings!



Our trainings’ value add is based on four main pillars: experience, interactivity, motivation and ease of use.

  • The training material is in line with the official training, but it is enriched with some extra content and exercises that help our learners to have a more solid and functional knowledge, that is ready to use in an RPA environment.
  • Our learners have the opportunity to have their questions answered whenever they occur, our tutors will assist them in all sorts of questions related to the matter.
  • All our training sessions are live - no matter if they are on- or offline ones. This format makes the learners more engaged, keeps up the motivation.
  • For both the classroom trainings and the virtual instructor led trainings (VILT) we set up in advance all the infrastructure elements that are necessary for the course, so participants don’t have to spend their valuable time with it.



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